Be Like Mike (hey_its_michael) wrote in rightwing_free,
Be Like Mike

New community

Hey all --

Where rightwing_free is a community for only those of us left-of-center, there is a new community for the discussion of liberal politics for ANYONE. telemann, has started a new community called liberal_talk, which is a place where liberals, centrists and conservatives alike can gather to post articles, opinion pieces, etc., and discuss every political issue under the sun.

This is a particularly good thing because there have been growing annoyances with the community to which I was a moderator -- liberal. I will likely be leaving that community because, as many liberals are starting to feel, the moderation of a liberal discussion community should be maintained by, well, a liberal (or at least not a conservative).

Anyhow, ANYONE who is interested, and capable of having reasoned discussion, no matter your political affiliation or nationality, feel free to JOIN! :o)
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