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Is America Truly the ''Land of the Free''?

I read a few articls over the past decade about tragedis in America and I soley relaize that, as many times as Americans think this stuff only happens in foreign countries and third-world countries, they're worng.

They say
America is the ‘’Land of the Free and Home of the Brave,’’ but is it really? What is so free about a land where people are killed? There are many beings alike whose lives become daily races for survival. Furthermore, the tragedies more often occur within their own communities. Many of their families and friends died of rape and street shootings. These are all ruthless acts of senseless violence committed out of pure ignorance. I can somehow relate my own life and experiences to these people’s stories. These human’s countries were all at war when these incidents occurred, however, my country is not. (Or is it?)


A few years ago in the fall of 2003, a close and good friend of mine was mysteriously abducted while on her way to school. Her presence had gone missing for several weeks until her body was finally found neglected in the outskirts of the desert robbed and naked. It was concluded by the police department that she was a victim of rape. It was on October 8, 2003, a date worth remembering. To this very day, it still hurts when I think about her death. That date will forever haunt me until the day death transpires.


The one person who I cared about more than anyone in this world died a senseless death at such a young and innocent age. Even more surprisingly, the death of my friend was not recognized in the papers. Why? Doesn’t anyone care? Hell! I care! My friend’s family care also, but now her parents are scarred for life because they’ll never see or hear their daughter again. Sometimes I feel like taking my guardian’s gun and seeking revenge on whomever raped and killed my friend, but what would that prove? Would it prove how much I cared about her? Would it prove that I stuck up for her? No! The only thing that it would prove is how stupid I am. Nevertheless, I am not stupid…


I can easily relate to the children’s and adult’s stories and I know they’ve all been through situations similar to my own. Their experiences truly moved me and surprisingly enough, made me cry (and I am not the type of person who usually cries). After all of this has happened to me (and much more has happened to me than just this) and other individuals now I cannot help to wonder, is the world nothing but a living nightmare for us human beings? Is the world truly nothing more than a great black pit trapped at the bottom of the universe where the morals of it all are not worth what a pig could spit and the vermin of society inhabit it? At first, I wondered where God was in the midst of this ‘’undeclared war’’ on this hell of an Earth. Now, I have my answer: the one thing, on which we can all agree, among all faiths and ideologies, is that God is with the vulnerable and the poor. God is in the slums, in the cardboard boxes where the poor playhouse. God is in the silence of a mother who has infected her child with a virus that will end both their lives. God is in the cries heard under the rubble of war. God is in the debris of wasted opportunity and lives, and God is with us if we are with them.


Now that I have read this article, I am educated on what is happening all over the world even as we speak. I would now like the opportunity to educate other people on what is happening in my ‘’America’’ because until this ‘’undeclared war’’ has ended, I am not free and neither is anyone else! War has nothing to do with being human or humanity itself. War is inhuman!


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